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Lunch Menu

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Sweet & Hot Cajun Grilled Chicken Breast

100% hormone free chicken breast, marinated in a sweet & spicy dry drub and flame grilled. Served with house made pickles.


Fried Chicken Tenders

100% hormone free chicken breast, savory crumb coating. Served with house made pickles and BBQ sauce.


Slow Roasted Pulled BBQ Pork with Brioche Buns

100% hormone free pork butt. Served with house made pickles, brioche buns and BBQ sauce.


Southwestern Mac and Cheese Gratin

penne pasta with housemade green chili cheese sause

Garlic and Chive Mashed Poatoes

russett poatoes with fresh minced garlic, chives, cream and butter


Traditional Caesar Salad

served with romaine, parmesan and housemade croutons


Mediterranian Salad

served with romaine, cherry tomatoes, English cucumber and Greek feta


Mixed Leaf Green Salad

served with baby greens & romaine, seasonal julienne vegetables, cranberries and candied almonds

Breakfast Menu

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Bagel and Cream Cheese breakfast

Includes plain, sesame and poppy seed bagels, cream cheese, sliced sandwich vegetables, fruit and yogurt parfaits, assorted pastries and OJ.


Quiches and Frittatas

Savory, individual cheese quiches or vegetable frittatas, fruit and yogurt parfaits, assorted pastries and OJ


Ham or Turkey and Egg Breakfast Sandwiches

Home-style breakfast sandwiches served on English muffins with omelet, cheddar cheese and your choice of smoked ham or sliced turkey, fruit and yogurt parfaits, assorted pastries and OJ


Just the Sweets

A full selection of pastries and muffins with fruit and yogurt parfaits and OJ


Seasonal Fruit Salad $3.00 per person
Fruit and Yogurt Parfaits $3.00 per person
Pastries and Muffins $24.00 each dozen (12)

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